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Originally Posted by volleyman View Post
Yeah, that tournament was looking really good to me as well: 20 minutes from my house, hard court (most tournaments close to me are on har-tru) and feed in consolation, so at least two matches.
As the tournament, I'm still considering playing singles. It's just so close that the savings on travel and food will more than make up for the high entry fee.
I agree, it's about 20 minutes from me as well--but I really feel like I don't want to play this specifically to jam the facility and the tournament's organizers. Not that I think they'd miss one player not playing... I just don't feel like supporting them.

You're right, I remember when that facility was free to play at for city residents--that was great. I didn't even mind paying the $2 or so it was for a non-resident to pay there. But then they tried to get elitist by going to that "everyone pays" structure, even for tax payers. I don't know who runs the facility, but they haven't won any friends that I know of.

I've played twice down in Wilson... smaller tournament and longer drive but I'd gladly drive down there than play since the people who run those are really nice and don't gouge anyone.
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