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Originally Posted by cmb View Post
haha I spent my whole life playing that crap in the states ( im american), but I currently live outside of amsterdam...they have tournaments here every week of the year, only 7 Euro entry fee...around 9 dollars, normally the tournaments I play offer between 300 and 1000 Euros to the winner (450-1300 dollars). Its really a shame what is happening in the states with tennis. They charge that much for entry fees, they rarely offer prize money, and teh traveling is crazy. Here the only way I have to travel more then 30 minutes by car for a tournament is if I choose to, I am playing one next week about 3 hours away, only because my friends live in that city.
BUt it just costs too much money to play tennis, it seems like the USTA could do more.
dang!! another reason to move...
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