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Originally Posted by zapvor View Post
So last night I met up with the newest member of the chapter to hit around. He is ckuo on TW, and he even brought friends to come along! It was me, ckuo, his friend Tim, and later Charlotte joined us as well. we played at Nottoway Park, at one of the upper courts, where the surface is kind of like carpet, but not really. i have no idea what it was. for those of you in the mid-atlantic maybe you guys can shed light on this. it was like padding. never played on it before.

anyways we start out hitting, and both Tim and ckuo are pretty big hitters i think. right off the bat they were just smashing balls left to right. i think the downside to this is consistency. but ckuo insists he doesnt hit that hard... what do i know? i was on the same side as Tim, and i noticed he is good at volleying from the baseline! then Charlotte arrives and we end up playing a match. it was me+ Tim VS ckuo+Charlotte. somehow i manage to hold serve at least once,haha. Both Tim and especially ckuo got some real good spins on their serves (which i cant do) , and Charlotte aced me one time. yes, i got aced by a girl. *waits for laughter to end* i thought she was going to fault on her first attempt! yea...stupid. she is good at taking the ball on the rise too, because i noticed she planted her feet right at the baseline and pretty much got every ball back. so yea shes good. for a girl anyways so we stopped at 5-6 first set. it was getting late.

So overall it was great getting to meet up with someone else on the forum. unfortunately ckuo is leaving for Texas for the summer, so he wont be in attendance for our meetings, which is a shame because he is pretty good. also, he had a bunch of demos he was trying out, and every so often he would just switch rackets and resume playing. it was crazy because for me i am so used to my racket if i just pick up a demo and hit with it i would have to get used to it.
I don't know what those upper courts at Nottoway are called either. Maybe it's called Omni-court, but I don't think so. Anyways, they're hell to play least for me. The surface is really soft, so even if you throw ur racquet, it won't break as easily as in normal hard courts. So, that's the only good thing about it. Good for the joints also.

Here's why I'd rather play Santoro than play on those upper Nottoway courts:

-Bounces are really low.
-Sometimes balls just skid instead of bouncing.
-There are 'dead spots' where the ball will not bounce or bounce too high or just give plain odd bounces.
-All the characteristics resemble that of a grass court, and grass is for cows, not for tennis. Kidding.
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