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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
1. Federer (Putting statistics aside, to me, he is the best player I have ever seen between the lines)

2. Sampras

3. Agassi (what impresses me the most about Agassi is how much he was able to achieve even though he had soooo many lows, and how he didn't take the game so seriously in many of his first few years. This guy was a rare talent. Additionally, he won Wimbledon at a time where there were still "Grass Court Specialist (S & Vers), and then was able to transcend his game to a compelely different surface and win the French in an era of "Clay Court Specialist"

4. Mcenroe (I am at times more impressed with him than any other player on this list. The fact he was not only an amazing singles player, but one of the best doubles players of all time. None of the others on this list can make that boast. Additionally, his Davis Cup record makes his tennis achievements even more impressive. My first "favorite player".

5. Borg

6. Connors (Amazing player. Only guy on the list I coudn't stand).

7. Lendl

8. Edberg

9. Wilander

10. Becker

Great list. One question...Agassi over Borg?
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