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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
FiveO, interesting way to look at it. After revieweing your list I'm surprised you didn't place Rios up there. Not that I would, but with all the hoopla about him (which I really don't get), I would have expected to see him there along with Safin.

By the way, I agree Safin is one of the best players I have ever seen. I always thought he was going to be the next guy to be number # 1for years, and winning slams every year, etc. The guy could do it all.

Same thoughts on Safin.

Rios? I have to admit my bias here. Yes, very talented. However with very little to show for it and just not talented in the jaw-dropping Safin-esque way to me. Believe it or not I viewed Rios as more of a Hicham Arazi with a little more court sense. Like I said, I admit my bias on him.
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