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Originally Posted by bagung View Post
djokovic would probably replace roddick than federer.........
up and down, and never stay on no 1 for long period.....
talking about djokovic being no.1, he has to go through nadal and federer.... which i highly doubt it...........................
The idea is that Nadal will still conquer clay with Djokovic doing well on clay and Djokovic will overcome Federer on the hard courts and take his place as number 1 while Nadal remains number 2 after he becomes number 1 for a while. Federer will be number 3 and slowly slowly fall down until he retires. This could happen and it started to look that way in slow steps.

Step 1: Djokovic reaches number 3 and remains there for a while.
Step 2: Federer starts losing points from clay season and hard season.
Step 3: Nadal improves on hard courts a lot.
Step 4: Djokovic starts dominating hard courts with Federer.
Step 5: Djokovic takes many points from Federer and Nadal goes number 1 while Fed goes to number 2 just above Djokovic.
Step 6: Djokovic completely dominates the hard courts and goes to number 2 and eventually number 1 since Nadal can't beat him on the hard courts.

Who knows? It could happen in a couple of years
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