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Originally Posted by Heavy Metal Tennis Star View Post
blake beat him now too, it was 10 years ago, roddicks only slam win was 3 years ago, 10 years ago, yet people remmeber him, lets see, where will blake be in 10 years? hmm...........................
I don't understand any of that, you sound high as a kite. In 10 years Blake will be sitting on a beach, drinking margaritas, thinking about the USO match with Agassi or getting to 4 in the world. It doesn't change the fact that you just stated a bunch of obvious crap for no other reason than to denegrate a dude's accomplishments.

Next time Moya gets beat by Fed I'll make a thread called: Moya just lost to Fed, a 10 time slam champ and greatest ever, two things Moya will never be.
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