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Originally Posted by nBladed View Post
Awhile I suggested that part of his slump may be due to change of rackets. I then was berated here for believing in some marketing hype. FU.

When someone shanks that many balls, there is something off with their timing. Feds timing is usually spot on. I attribute it to that there was a genuine change in rackets. It is one of the only variables that has truly undergone change.

If anybody does a search, you will find that Wilson and Fed went through many molds to get "it right". I personally don't believe it is the previous racket with a new pj.

I agree with this.. even when he was playing the AO he was shanking a lot of balls on his forehand. Ever since he started playing that k-factor (yes I do believe he is playing a genuine k-factor) his forehand has been off.. his backhand did get better, but his forehand is just off.
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