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you didn't disprove my 'shank' theory. It was one match you are observing. And you are comparing Fed to Nadal in shanks per that match when that was never in contention.

IT APPEARS TO ME that overall Roger Federer is mishitting many more balls this year than years previous. In an age where timing and athleticism are critical and he has optimized those variables I can only ask what may be the new variable that may be mishaping his game. ... his racket may be one.

WE HAVE ALL DEMOED RACKETS. How many times have you shanked balls with a new racket. It is so easy to do. He may have won the AO with it but he may also may have been experiencing his "honeymoon" period with that racket at that time. Who knows?

This is in no way definitive, so buzz off. It is just a theory.

I am watching the Fed v. Ferrer match now and Fed just shanked another one. It's not like he hasn't played on clay before?!

Nobody truly knows what is going on with Fed. Only he does and this is all speculation. My speculation is that he HAS changed rackets and IS mishitting more often than years previous.
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