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Originally Posted by nBladed View Post

you didn't disprove my 'shank' theory. It was one match you are observing. And you are comparing Fed to Nadal in shanks per that match when that was never in contention.
It *IS* in contention as I was referring to the final on clay Nadal and he recently played. As I stated, immediately after that match there were several threads started in which the OP and several other responding began stating Fed "shanked" many balls, and therefore concluded he needed to switch to a larger racquet. As I already pointed out>> he shanked just as many balls as his opponent.

Originally Posted by nBladed View Post
WE HAVE ALL DEMOED RACKETS. How many times have you shanked balls with a new racket.
Lots, regardless of it is a new racquet or not. And anyone saying they never shank balls with "their old racquet" is an absolute liar. Everyone shanks balls. Even pros.

Originally Posted by nBladed View Post
I am watching the Fed v. Ferrer match now and Fed just shanked another one. It's not like he hasn't played on clay before?!
Your point is what? Just to confirm he shanked a ball? NEWSFLASH>>> EVERYONE SHANKS BALLS.
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