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Originally Posted by nBladed View Post

Are you sure he was that spot on in the design process? Fed was still pretty much a nobody. He only had three titles in 2002.

Didn't Wilson at that time say that the PStour 90 was designed for Pete Sampras and Roger Federer?

This question is to everyone:
If you understand anything about business, it gets super expensive to keep molds and make one shots of old stock. You make money in bulk.

Why do you think Wilson tried to phase out the PS6.0 85 so many times? Not enough critical demand. But there was enough of a demand so I am sure they cost the costs somewhere.... which ended up being a different manufacturing process.

I am only approaching this from a economics standpoint of supply vs. demand.


I refuse to believe that Head, Wilson, etc. will just say to any player, "Oh you are using this racket from 1993 that is no longer in production but you are the only person on Earth with this special request and guess what....? we will remanufacture 15 or more of them for you for thousands of dollars (because that's how much it will cost for that limited supply) just to keep you happy and somewhere in the top 50 where your name recognition means diddly to our overall worldwide sales.

anyone in top 5 becomes a different story.

heck Prince didn't even make a special racket for James Blake. What does that say about their economics?
Wilson was already doing special things for Federer that they weren't really doing for other lower-ranked pros in 2002 because they knew that Federer was expected to be the next big thing and he had already beaten Sampras at Wimbledon, which not too many players can say they've ever done. First, Federer was the only pro to use a PS 6.0 85 with a red paintjob made to look like a HPS 6.0 95 Tour (Euro model) in early 2002. Then later in 2002, they gave him the PS Tour 90 still painted red to look like the same HPS 6.0 95 Tour. Then they custom drilled his PS Tour 90 with wider string spacing in the middle and gave him the shorter handle pallet. he's been using the same racquet ever since.

Wilson tried to phase out the PS 6.0 85 not because of the lack of demand (look at how many TW sells and how fast they sell out), but because it is the most expensive racquet for Wilson to make, thus, their margins are very low. It uses very costly graphite braiding manufacturing techniques and also contains 20% kevlar, which is very expensive. The newer racquets can be made much more cheaply because they contain much less of the good expensive stuff, but a lot of filler. That's why older racquets tend to feel so much better and smoother than most of the newer racquets.

And Prince is making a special racquet for Blake. He couldn't use any of their existing racquets nor the O-Port technology. So Prince is basically copying his current Dunlop-mold racquet and making it a Prince model. It should feel and play almost like his current racquet. This new model is due out at retail soon.

BTW, if Bosworth can make custom racquets for a few hundred dollars each, so can Wilson or Head and probably much cheaper.
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