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Originally Posted by Zaragoza View Post
Isnīt this thread about Blake at Hamburg? Well, he beat Clement and lost to Moya. I donīt think itīs a great performance, he will need really good results on hardcourts to qualify for the Masters Cup and defend those finalist points or he wonīt be in the top 10 anymore.
Thatīs the thing. What has Blake done this year in general? In Rome he beat Monfils who canīt hit out of a paper bag lately and Clement in Hamburg who is the pusher royale. In Vegas he couldnīt even get out of a forgiving round robin format. In Indian Wells he lost to Benneteau in the beginning and then to Gilles Simon in the first round as well. Iīm shocked heīs still in the top 10. Heīs done absolutely nothing this year. It looks like the only reason heīs still in the top 10 is because of the US Open QF. If he loses early again at the USO he wonīt even get to defend the Shanghai points.
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