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I agree with the people who say Roger should go into this feeling no pressure. Whether or not he takes that approach, I don't know. Facing Rafa on clay is the only time he's not expected to win, and that should free him to play without fear, because there truly is nothing to lose and everything to gain. He knows Rafa is exhausted, so that should fire him up. He needs to go out there tomorrow like a shark that smells blood. Fearless and predatorial. That's how Nadal plays virtually all of the time against Fed. Also, a number of critics have been weighing in on how he should play to beat Nadal on clay, and he's bound to have heard some of those ideas. He should have multiple game plans to fall back on. I'm saying should here, not will. Imagine how high the drama will be if Fed wins Hamburg and then they meet in the final of the French.
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