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Originally Posted by Mick View Post
Here is what Mats had to say:

Some claim Federer’s mentality is wrong and that he is too friendly with Nadal. Federer produced a surprisingly calm facade after a 6-4, 6-4 loss to Nadal in last month’s Monte Carlo final.
“Roger looked too happy after that defeat,” reckoned Mats Wilander, the three times former French Open champion. “He should see that losing to Nadal is unacceptable.”
Wilander suggested Federer should release some of his emotional control and get angry, although given the embarrassing problems Federer had in keeping a check on this emotion before he reached maturity, it seems unlikely he will risk it.
Mats is a moron (with 7 slams). Federer plays his best when he's calm. Look at him during the Roddick AusOpen match this year: super-cool, composed nature hitting passing shots and winners like it was nothing. Releasing his emotion is like undoing years of training and allowing himself to play Nadal's emotional, physical game.. bad idea, Federer's not going to beat Nadal at his own game.

Fed needs to stay composed, punish Nadal with that outwide serve/sharply angled forehand to Nadal's backhand and deliver the KO with a shot into the open court. Also needs to start jumping on those weaker second and first serves, getting them back deep and putting Nadal on the defensive more than he's used to on his serve. None of that rushing the net business, just stay in his comfort zone, CREATE an opportunity to attack, and then attack, just like he does with everyone else he plays. He's capable of winning, he just needs to not only execute it (2006 Rome?) but also BELIEVE it and keep his head calm enough to close out a match given the chance.
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