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Originally Posted by Kim View Post
If there was no Fed, Nadal would be a good No.1 knowing that Sampras when he was number one never peaked above 5100 or so points, although I think the points system was tweaked slightly since 2000, but still...hehe
yes, In Sampras's times, it was best 13 system instead of 18 system now.
(in 2000 they "tweaked" it into "modified" 13 system. But dramatically changed
it into best of 18 system in 2002( or 2003?))

And the points given for slams(1000pts) and masters(500pt) got bigger
now, I think.

plus, there used to be bonus points if lower ranked players beat higher
rankers like top 10. Currently there is no bonus point. This makes the lead
even bigger. (maybe with bonus point, Nadal could be awarded huge amount of points
by continuously beating Federer??)

If you use current rank system, I think Sampras had Federer like lead
in ranking for a period of about 1 - 2 year.

It's amazing that Federer mainstains this lead for more than 3 years now
but it was generally harder in Sampras' times since tennis was much more
polarized (specialized) in each surface in 90's.

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