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Originally Posted by tennisinoc View Post
It is a players racquet 12.0+ oz. that is also a wide body.
You can't find that in any of today's racquets.
Because of that, it is a VERY stable racquet with good feel.
I still use it (a search of the archives will get you a lot of info about it). It is a "player's" frame by today's standards because it has a 93in head and is ~12.5oz strung but it has way way more power than any player frame today....really tweener power so long as you hit the tiny sweetspot. The OS has a bigger sweatspot and does not play like the 90 (relabelled Mid-Plus near the end of its life).

It seemed like every #1 high school varsity player used this frame in the late 80's when widebodies got hot. As mentioned above, the construction is unlike anything available today. I think of it as a POG Mid on steroids. IMO, it along with the original Capriati frame (CTS Lightning) were probably 2 of the best frames ever from that generation.
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