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Originally Posted by charlottefromca View Post
I'm not saying you are wrong, but do you think you can provide us with some prior examples? My memory is foggy.
The best one that comes to mind was the 2005 Advanta Championships. She played two matches, was pushed to 3 sets by Molik in the second match, and she withdrew citing a shoulder injury. Two days later she started competing at the season ending championships(beaucoup bucks there and ranking points) and ended up winning it over Serena Williams in the final. She obviously felt that she had enough match practice and wanted to be fresh for the bigger event. She was serving phenomenally well for someone with a bad shoulder injury not to mention cracking forehand winners(yes, she did cite the right shoulder as being injured). I was bummed since I bought tickets for that semi-final and she was already in LA for the next event.
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