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Originally Posted by drakulie View Post
Almost everywhere in South Florida you need money for tolls. We all live in different areas of miami and have to use the highways, turnpike, etc.

All courts down here require reservations. Like the one we have been playing at and taking pictures.

As oscar 2424 pointed out >> we are heading out of town. Can't wait to kick Mickey's ***!
;o) Don't think your heading too far out of town, not to Orlando anyway. If you go back and read all the posts pertaining to the location, it gave me a decent idea where you are heading. I have no idea what's contained in the "Goodie Bag". I'm not saying I know for sure but I feel have a good...well more then good guess. All courts down there may need reservations but you did not make a big deal about reservations for those you previously played.. so this location to where you will be playing has to be special. Actually Drak, your posts gave me the most clues... Have fun.. will await the post and pics that follow on Monday. Play Well !!
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