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I've stopped playing games mostly, although I used to play mainly FPS (CS1.6, Quake, UT, etc). I even played Oblivion for a while, although I got bored of that pretty fast. I mainly stopped when I sold my gaming rig, since I needed some HP ProCurve switches for my network

One game I still do play is Cube 2, it's a no frills FPS. It's also multi-platform, so I can "pwn noobs" on my linux/mac machines . Best of all, its free.

Originally Posted by goober View Post
Favorite series: Quake/Unreal

currently playing UT2k4 for 15-20 minutes/day. Really don't have time to play anything else. Waiting for UT3 to come out. Just upgraded my comp-Core duo 6700, 2 gig RAM, Geforce 8800
You're gaming for 20 minutes a day, with a computer like that? Blasphemy!
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