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Originally Posted by forzainter View Post
good choice, i have only played oblivion from the elder scrolls though, are the others good?
Here are some random thoughts I came up with:

Other than Oblivion I have only played Morrow Wind and it's expansion Tribunal. Morrow Wind is a more original looking game. Oblivion looks like it is set in Europe, and it is beautiful do not get me wrong, but it is familiar looking. Morrow Wind is very other worldly in appearances with hints of European like areas.
Morrow Wind land mass is a good deal larger than the one in oblivion, and is a lot more diverse, and like I stated before, more other worldly. Morrow Wind is a harder game even on the same difficulty level as Oblivion. The controls are not as good or easy to use as in Oblivion. There is not a voice for every character like in oblivion, which means get ready to do a lot of reading. Morrow Wind is also more open ended than Oblivion which for some is better for some it is worse.

it is a very engrossing game to play if you can get past it's annoyances. At the price that Morrow Wind, and it's expansion go for it is the most game you can get for your money.

I would suggest looking at the reviews for it at

If you have any questions I would gladly try to answer them.
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