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Yonex SuperGrap and Wilson Pro Overgrip are very similar. I prefer Wilson Pro for it's feel, and that it's colors don't rub off on your hand or the handle, like SuperGrap does. That's my biggest problem with it, my hands and a white replacement grip turned green.

I felt a Pointfore grip and I actually really liked it. It was new. I've never seem them in stores though.

Babolat Original VS is too dry of a grip. It's OK for the first hit, then it seems like it absorbs the dirt and dust and gets real bad, and fast. Babolat Pro Team was better.

I prefer tacky grips- like Wilson Pro and TournaGrip Original and II.

I tried one Pacific overgrip and it was REALLY tacky. It was good, but perhaps too tacky- like it could easily give a lot of people blisters.
Fischer makes a very good, very durable, tacky almost rubbery feeling, overgrip.

Kirschbaum Blue is a good overgrip. It has slight bevels that someone may or may not like.

BTW Rulo, I hear a lot of people like TournaGrip over leather. I use Wilson Pro ovef a Pacific leather grip- it's a pretty good combo.
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