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Originally Posted by fishuuuuu View Post
I played Terror from the Deep and Apocalypse. My favorite was Apocalypse because of the realtime combat. Is the original UFO Defense? Are you sad about how they scraped the XCOM shooter?
Yes, it is the UFO Defense. I prefer the turnbase system, scare the crap out of me everytime I turn the corner and there was a bug-eyes stand right at the other side of the corner. And the intro of the original one is one of the best intro of its time.

I am not sad at all, if I want a FPS shooter, I will turn to others. If I want xcom, I want a a turn base squad combat game. I am just sad the xcom clones have not came out yet...they are in the pipeline though.

Originally Posted by fishuuuuu View Post
A lot of people are playing Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, including me, but I'd advise you to stay off that flying pile of crap until they update it to 1.5.
How can I forget CC3. It is funny I have been playing games for 20 years but somehow I never try the CC series. I am not a fan of RTS but I played WC2, SC1, WC3, but not CC.

Damn, I am waiting for my 19" CRT to die, so I can get a 24" LCD. But the way I use my computer stuff, my CRT probably will never die
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