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Originally Posted by goober View Post
So I log on to a 1v1 UT server last night. A guy with clan tags and 1337 name shows up. He asks me what clan I belong to. No clan I say just a plain old goober nick I know he thinks I am easy pickings. I start out with a 5-0 lead after about 7 minutes of play. He starts typing in caps STOP RUNNING LIKE A GIRL! He has it scripted because he spams it over and over. Hey I can't help it if he is going to play ultra aggressive setting himself up for easy kills. I go up 7-0 and finally respond to him. Then he headshots me while I am typing! He gets a couple easy frags after I get a bunch of bad spawns.

I end up winning 12-5. Instead of "gg" I get "learn to play like a man and stop camping and running" Good to see things haven't changed in the FPS world. So much for the mature gamers. Good thing I play tennis now so I can see mature adults act like imbeciles instead.
I was playing Forza 2 and it can be frustrating because the physics are so true. It brings out some rage in people...
Anyway, I had no idea there was so much hate and racism existing still in America.
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