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Originally Posted by couch View Post
Well, I would think that older and wiser gentlemen, like yourself Deuce, wouldn't be influenced by Rod Laver holding a PD in Tennis Magazine. So I'm am so, so, so very sorry that I "assumed" you might have possibly been referring to younger adults that are usually a little more easily influenced.

I'll make sure and read your posts many, many times before I respond to them but your quote " the hopes that it would fool some people into believing that there isn't much difference between classic racquets and Babolats, and that if legends like Laver can make the switch, anyone can." doesn't say anything about adults and neither did suresh's post either.

So, nanny nanny boo boo. Maybe you should state a little more clearly what exactly you mean.
Well, if your knowledge of tennis was as quick as your whining sarcasm, you'd know that there certainly ain't a lot of kids using the "classic racquets" I mentioned.
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