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Default Does anyone have the footage?

Originally Posted by Vollymaster View Post
Funny / cool ad, but not what I was hoping it would be when I clicked on it.

I vividly remember seeing Agassi, I think early years, maybe in an instructional video, or an ad, or similar, tossing a golf ball in the air in front of him, taking a step or two forward and hitting it, cleanly, with a golf-club, 'baseball-style' out of clean air.

(I'm sure this was Agassi, well, 99.99% sure anyways, and I'm 99% sure it was a golf-ball and club. I seriously hope someone else remembers this, even if it's to correct my details if they need correcting )

Edit: Found it!

^^There's the proof that he'd do at least 'ok' at MLB, but it does turn out he didn't air-toss it but run up and hit it instead. Seems my memory exaggerated a little!
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