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Originally Posted by Doc Hollidae View Post
So what made you guys choose the Radical?

I first started playing with Radicals during the 8th grade. I've been an Agassi fan for the longest time, so being a 13-14 year old kid and not knowing much about rackets I bought the 1995 Radical. Without demoing, I then switched to the Ti.Radical a few years later. I then took a break from tennis during college and bought 2 LM Radical without demoing again. This time it was a mistake. I didn't like the LM Radicals at all, but luckily the Limited Editions came out and now I'm in love.

Head would you re-release the 1995 Radical too please?!?!?!?!
Mind if I ask --were the Radicals Austrian or Chinese made? (When did you buy them?) Thanks
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