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Originally Posted by Doc Hollidae View Post
All this talk is making me want to get some old 1995's and toss aside my LE's.......

Seriously, tt radical 630's are the bomb. My mixed doubles partner actually has 2 of the 3 frames from my old bag.

She won't give em back to me and they are way too low powered for her. least that is what I keep telling her

Hoping to trade a mint i radical midplus to her and get one back soon......

They pop up occasionally on the big site.....I think there is one up there now.

qualifier.....the only radical oversize I have ever hit is the ti radical 107(have 2 of those)

All my other comments refer to mid plus......

BTW the i prestige I added to my bag this month is a real winner too. Plays almost the same as my L5 austrian i radical. I might do the amurray bumper modification and pull off the lead to emulate the setup on the i prestige......the i prestige is the only racquet in my bag without lead tape at 3 and 9 oclock and it is perfect.
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