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She should be patient and hope and wait for change. Some of us still disagree with her on probably everything but would fight for her right to state her opinion. The problem she faces is that no country is perfect and I am sure she would find the Czech Republic provincial.

If gays could marry here in the US MN might have more divorces than CE!

I think she is right on in her criticism of the Communists. She need to make the same choice that other Americans do; if the eneny of my enemy is my friend who is my enemy? As a conservative GOPer I see the fundamentalist Muslims and their similarly minded co-religionists as my primary enemy. I would rather be in a trench with Alec Baldwin, Barbra Streisand and Rosie O'Donnell than with the PLO, AlQaeda and the Taliban. Can liberals say that they would rather be in a trench with President Bush, Jim Dobson and Rush Limbaugh fighting the Islamofascists?

Really MN do you think that homosexuals fare better here in the US than they might in Taliban led Afghanistan? Where would one's tennis career have been under Sheik Omar? Even the Communists taught girls to read and encouraged you to play tennis. Please take a deep breath and fully evaluate the situation.

Lastly, might I point out that the three area affected by 9/11 are all blue state area(technically the Pentagon is in red state VA but CD is very blue). If the Islamofascists strike again it is very likely tobe a blue state again with a big city like Chicago, LA, SF, Seattle. It is in your own best interests to maximize the security and work with a less than ideal ally today to keep yourself safe until tomorrow.
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