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Originally Posted by Dedans Penthouse View Post
Re: your "once-upon-a-time when the tennis world was intellectually evolved" pipedream:

let's see, didn't your "Golden Age of Tennis" include such intellectually evolved exercises as apartheid??? (see: American Tennis Association), not to mention 'shamateurism', the '72 Davis Cup finals, the '73 Wimbledon Men's draw, or, what the hell--while we're at it: Renee Richards? Or, should "ONCE UPON A TIME IN TENNIS...." stand to represent nothing more than some self-serving hallucination of an uppity windbag who pines for the good ol' days? I suggest that you alight from your hypocritical high-horse, for confusion (in your case) has appeared to have made its "masterpiece" (in a manner of speaking).

Your post read as one part venial sanctimony mixed with one part blustering mother hen hysteria (think: a frazzled Aunt Bea of Andy-of-Mayberry fame). Sorry but the truth is that tennis players and fans once upon a time sanctioned the most unintellectual of exercises: barring PLAYERS on the basis of race--and that socio-currency of intellectual-wannabes rings as infinitely more counterfeit than your intellect 'heartlessly' being subjected to some harmless, sophomoric humor. Me? Thank you but I'll hang my hat on a different 'hook', and I'll do so minus the pretense of a hackneyed, clumsy attempt at rhetorical grandilloquence when doing so.

Martina Naratilova having an Alec Baldwin-esque hissy fit because of G.W. & Co. is nothing more than a tempest-in-a-teapot. If you choose to get your little fingers all twisted into knots just because I lampooned her and the absurdity of her "solution" to this *cough* earth-shaking development, that's your problem. And it sounds like a personal one at that. As for "cretin," do you really think I'm going to get my beautiful, acquiline nose all bent outta shape over some uppity stranger attempting to personally insult me by using the word 'cretin'? Think again and while you're at it, think: "water off a duck's back." Flames directed at me will be tolerated--not a problem sweetheart--but note bene: they will be graded. And from my perch, it appears that someone's "D-minus" intellectual effort has them poised on the brink of attending "summer school."

Navratilova "walks?" Her call .... who cares?
I meant to get this apology in prior to now, but...Yes, I know you don't care, but I do and ad-hominem attacks, calling people names, degrading them, etc. reflects the same level of mentality I reacted to and I expect better of myself. My bad and it won't happen again.
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