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Originally Posted by kkh713x View Post
Here is a thread to help you out. I am in Seattle business and was able to check out a few tennis facilities:

* City of Seattle - Amy Yee TC: not much action and was in the ghetto. Outdoor courts were closed to resurfacing, and they have about 4 indoor courts.

* Robinswood had some 3.0-3.5 league going on the 4 outdoor courts, and the 4 indoor courts had a big group beginner lesson.

* Green Lake Park courts was nice, 4 courts right on the water, no lights though. Some 3.5 action.

* Upper Woodland Park courts is right around the corner from Green Lake, 4 courts no lights, some 3.0 action.

* Lower Woodland Park courts are your best bet. 8 courts 2x2 all lit late, with lots of 4.0 - 5.0 players. These courts are between the Upper Woodland park courts and the Green Lake courts right next to the gigantic soccer field. . .

Good luck and hope this helps . . .
Amy Yee's has ten indoor courts. Robinswood has eight indoor courts. They are the two Seattle public indoor court facilities available. There are also a large number of private indoor facilities. Both Amy Yee and Robinswood have active league teams.

The weather is generally very good from June through October. The rest of the year is pretty iffy. The winter months are tough because days are pretty short and there's a lot of drizzle during those cold months.
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