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Default Mcenroe needs to show some respect...

First off I love Mac and he is my favorite all-time player. But after wtching a taped broadcast of May's Champions Cup I was really annoyed with him. Pete came back to have fun and all Mac did was whine and complain and show Pete no respect. I have always stuck up for Mac when he acted like a clown, but I finally woke up to what people have been saying about his antics (post retirement).

I mean these are not Major tourney's for freak's sake. I wish there was a Hawkeye (or whatever its called) to show Mac how often he is wrong.

I saw Pete smile and laugh playing Korda and Mayotte....not nearly as much because of Mac's behavior. I know these threads have been out there, but I always stuck up for the guy...he is yelling for show...HE IS NOT. He is a headcase and I am getting more annoyed watching this match.
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