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Originally Posted by gmlasam
How is that any different from other Nationalities in Asia with their Visas? Why is the Philippines the only one with such Visa problems?
I guess Filipinos have a bad reputation when it comes to international travel, mainly because of the problem of illegal immigration.

For example, it's extremely difficult to get a tourist visa to the United States. You need to schedule an interview with a consul several months before your trip, a stack of documents is required to show you have property and bank assets in the Philippines (they require this to make sure you have something you'll need to return to and to make sure you have enough money for your stay and won't have to work there to get money), and even if you have these, there's a chance the consul will have a bad feeling about you and simply deny you a visa, no explanations given.

If we had a strong tennis federation in the Philippines I could believe we could swing a few visas for the top Filipino players, but so far I don't see such a thing.
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