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Hey--- a thread near/dear to my heart! A few thoughts on the various topics raised in this thread:

1. Filipinos here?. Anyone who's traveled around has most likely seen/heard/spoken to Filipinos around (and I mean AROUND) the world. After all, aren't we the world's largest supplier of skilled and educated (and underutilized) workers? So I guess it shouldn't be any surprise that there are some lurking in these boards....

2. Pinoy players. Mamiit may indeed be the only ATP-level player but there have been several kababayans at the US collegiate level. In the 70s I recall Mackey Dominguez playing in IN somewhere and Alex (can't remember the surname) also playing...... which leads to....

3. Pinoys playing. Has anyone else noticed that, for the most part, almost any community has a significant number of Filipino tennis aficionados? I've traveled extensively throughout the US and world and have been amazed. When I meet Pinoys, then mention tennis, invariably there is a group who plays. I've seen it in SF (of course Daly City), NYC, Houston, Rome, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Dubai, and, of all places, Pohnpei and Majuro (look it up). Woohoo Filipinos!

I think it's incredible that Pinoys are for the most part, warm and friendly, eager to assimilate into the culture of the country they happen to inhabit, yet maintain their identity as Filipinos although they would probably squabble into provincial differences if left to themselves .
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