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During the rain delay at Wimbledon, they're replaying the 5th set of the 1980 Borg - McEnroe Wimbledon final. Here's a few observations. Borg's two-handed backhand was much different than today's two-handers. It seems that Borg only used the left hand for support. He even releases his left hand after contact on many backhands. Today's two-handers are almost lefthanded forehands. Second, people think Borg was exclusively a baseliner. Actually, he played serve and volley on almost every first serve. And third, I think the modern rackets and strings help even more with ground strokes and service returns than with the serve. That's why the serve and volley has all but disappeared. The players' eye hand coordination and reflexes are the same as 27 years ago but the pace of the service returns with modern rackets is probably 20% greater than with wood rackets.
you are exactly right !
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