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Default Why are ESPN Commentators Afraid of the Truth?

As is their wont, ESPN switched suddenly from the fine Martin - Pavel 1st set (at 4-4) to cover Williams versus Craybas in its incredbly meaningless excruciating entirety. Worse is that at the outset neither expert commentator would opine: "Look, I think this will be a mismatch or blow out." Sure, I understnd why they show Serena and I am hardly a basher of the WTA -- I relish competitive WTA matches greatly -- but this was just a waste of very limited coverage. Why would these two experts not just speak the truth? Instead: "This is a good test for Serena as Jill is a counter puncher." Yes and maybe if Jill was on fire it would have been 2 and 3! The reality is that Serena employs higher skilled hitting partners and I and others would sooner see her play them. Yes, a good test for Serena! The refused to break from the carnage even as Martin and Pavel went to a tiebreaker. I am not naive and know this is what we'll get all spring and summer, it's just that the commentators should tell it as it is.
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