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Growing up, I never played tennis. I was a 3 letter athlete in high school and played baseball in college. I didn't start playing until I started dating this one woman (who is now my wife). I can remember our 3rd date. She asks me to play tennis....It was a beautiful day outside. I'm looking at all 5'3, 105 lbs of her thinking to myself "this isn't going to be fair...I'm a 6'2 210 pound college level athlete! I will pummel this adorable little woman"

What transpired over the next hour and a half was probably one of the worst beatings ever on a tennis court. Plain and simple, I got drubbed. It was actually more like she would hit a shot, I would blast it out of the court and we'd have to start over.....

What drew me to the game, aside from my wife was the fact that Tennis is a difficult sport to play well. The pros make it look so easy. I also loved the challenge of trying to learn a sport as an adult, that I didn't play as a kid.
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