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I agree with marc. It appears that someone at ESPN has made a decision, and that decision is not working too well with the serious tennis fan, myself included. I don't mind watching the occassional Williams or Roddick match, but every time they walk on court is getting a little ridiculous. The real irony is that overexposing these players it inevitably going to hurt ratings and tennis rather than help. Who wants to watch any player decimate their opponent round after round? The joy of watching tennis is the competition. If you have no competition, you basically have a vehicle for commercials. I think the competition and how players react to it is why Davis Cup is so fun to watch. You get to see players who you've never seen before and because it's Davis Cup and because they're at home and because they can pick the surface, they negate most of the advantages their higher ranked opponents have. Just makes for more interesting viewing.

It seems that every time a match is played, the commentators try to invent some drama in it. They think this attracts viewers and keeps them interested. Unfortunately, it was nigh on to impossible to do this with the Williams match.

I just hope the Tennis Channel gets more coverage. They put the camera on the court and let it run regardless of who's playing. Consequently you get some very competitive matches on and get to see players with whom you are not familiar.
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