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Originally Posted by psamp14 View Post
a bit of a rip off? the price is unknown...unless you are saying the shirts are a rip off of the fila's borg essence copying them since they look very similar
Yes, I mean they "borrowed" heavily on the iconic look of the Fila Borg line. Sure Fila doesn't "own" the pinstripe, but thanks to Borg this particular Fila shirt has gained a certain notoriety and is often referenced (see "The Royal Tenenbaums", "The Squid and the Whale"), that is has become one of the quintessential references for a tennis shirt, much like what the Zippo is for lighters.

Nike being such a design driven company I am a little surprised that they ended up so close to such an obvious reference, especially as Nike is generally creating those design icons themselves.

Having said that, it is really nice.
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