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Default Bjorn Borg's graciousness toward Federer

Borg was so gracious about Federer's win that I was reminded of something that the Swede said after breaking Henri Cochet's record at Roland Garros in 1980. This is from the NY Times:

The victory enabled Borg to surpass the record of Henri Cochet, who won four championships since the tournament became international in 1925. Cochet, now 78 years old, presented Borg with the winner’s trophy today. Asked if the former champion had any congratulatory remarks, Borg said: “Well, he didn’t look too happy. He said, ‘Well done,’ that’s all.
I don't post this to denigrate Cochet, who may have been short on the victory stand for reasons unknown. I just thought this little story gave a window into Borg's own character. For him, it seems, you should be gracious when your records are overtaken.
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