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So why did Borg call Federer in 2001 to congratulate him when he prevented Sampras from equaling Borg's 5 straight W's? Doesn't sound like gracious behavior to me, I wonder if Sampras knows that.

Since Borg attended Wimbledon this year, he basically had to be gracious about this(while in 2001, he was nowhere near Wimbledon, so he couldn't be interviewed), but deep down inside this is the most important record to him, I doubt he was really pleased that Federer won. Alltime greats in any sport have to have an absurdly competitive streak, you can't just put that behind you when you retire, for the most part.

Borg moved on - before this year he was at the all-England club only once (in 2000) since the 81 loss to Mac.
Borg did commentary for NBC at 1983 Wimbledon.
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