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Chad, it is funny that you bring up the speech courses. I remember I had this real hard *** that would ridicule even good speeches. The first time I went up in front of the class I had rested my hands on the podium for 3/4 of the speech. He said I was holding onto it like a crutch, and he told me he was waiting for me to fall over. I still laugh at it to this day. Fortunately, I never had a problem with idiosyncrasies. He did mark me off one time for having my hair cut the day before the speech. He claimed nothing was wrong with my hair, but the sudden change distracted him. No one in my class ever played with their watch, but I do remember a guy who had a distinct foot pattern. It was like he was dancing or something. i wonder how many other stories people have. We should get a topic started in the rant column.
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