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Default Hart, Brough, Du Pont, which had the greater career?

These 3 womens played in the same era, the era where they shared dominance of the womens to a degree, along with another great player Shirley Fry, before all were overhauled by the Mo train, before Mo's crippling accident. All 3 were superb doubles players, as well as singles, and all each won 6 grand slam titles.

The 3 women are Doris Hart, Louise Brough, and Margaret Osborne DuPont. Brough. Brogh and Osborne DuPont initialy were more at the top, with Hart contending but trailing slightly. Later on is when Hart made inroads, albeit aided by the Maureen Connoly accident. Osborne DuPont is quite a bit older then the other two, 5 years older then Brough, 7 older then Hart.

Margaret's 6 slam singles titles included 2 French Opens, one Wimbledon, and a hat trick of 3 straight U.S Opens. In womens doubles she has a grand total of 21 titles, including 3 French Opens, 5 Wimbledons, 13 total U.S Opens including 10 straight from 1941-1950. What is most key though is all of those 18 slam doubles titles, except the very first at the 1941 U.S Open, were won with Louise Brough. Not only her longtime biggest rival but very close friend.

Brough's 6 slam singles titles included 1 Australian Open (which the big guns hardly played back then so she just happened to venture there once to win),
4 Wimbledons, 1 U.S Open. She as won 21 total womens doubles slam titles, shock of all shocks the same number as her longtime doubles partner and rival Margaret. Her includes 1 Australian Open, 3 French Opens, 5 Wimbledons, 12 toal U.S Opens including 8 straight from 1942-1950. The only difference from Margaret, is where Margaret's only one not with Brough was the 1941 U.S Open, Louise's was the 1950 Australian Open.

Doris Hart's 6 slam singles titles included 1 Australian Open (she actually made 2 tries as oppose to 1 for Brough and 0 for Osborne Du Pont), 2 French Opens, 1 Wimbledon, 2 U.S Opens. She amassed 14 slams in womens doubles. 1 Australian Open, 5 French Open, 4 Wimbledons, and 4 U.S Opens.
Interestingly where as 2 of the greats of this era-Brough and DuPont joined forces in doubles the same was true for Hart. She and 4-time slam singles winner Fry, the final of the regular "big 4" of womens tennis during this time frame, apart from the temporary career of Connoly and much later Gibson, were regular doubles partners as well. She won 11 of her 14 slams in womens doubles with Fry. The only ones she did not were the 1950 Australian Open where in the absence of both DuPont and Fry, she and Brough teamed up to win the doubles (Brough also beat Hart in the singles final there); and her titles at 1947 at Wimbledon, 1948 at the French Open.
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