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Originally Posted by AM28143 View Post
It is a simple, offensive, but accurate fact: Men are better at sports than women. My sister has been playing tennis for 6 years. She has taken lessons, she has played in tournaments and trains all summer. On the contrary, I've been playing for about a year with no formal training. Yesterday I bet her 200 bucks she could not beat me in a one set match. She accept the challenge and guess what? I whooped her 6-2. She hits a nice ball however, I'm fast enough to chase down everything. She has no weapon to beat me. I do not think she even hit one winner throughout the match. My sister, as should all women, learned the simple fact that she is inferior in regards to sports.
Dude, your sister must really suck at tennis. At your level, men and women can play against each other competitively since they both will make unforced errors all over the place, but at pro level, they don't make unforced errors like beginners anymore, and hence physical ability is what determines the outcome of the match.
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