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Originally Posted by laschutz View Post
okay, so i'm at work the other day arguing with these idiots who don't know anything about tennis, onlyplayed it during high school, and when the william sisters name came up,one of them said that he thought the william sisters could possibly beat like "the number 20 ranked man?! are you fricking kidding me i told him? they couldn't beat the number 200 ranked man, they couldn't beat the ncaa men's champ, and they couldn't beat the top 18 under junior u.s. champ either!

i've been myself playing since i was 9, played in high school and college,read every tennis magazine for 30 years now, watch every tennis tournament on tv, have been to many pro tournaments in person,i've taught tennis at summer camps (i'm not a certified pro, but i could be if i wanted to) and consider myself a amateur tennis historian, and these idiots still 1)couldn't believe me 2) said it was just my opinion and their entitled to their opinion 3) and just because i knew tennis history didn't make me a tennis expert? huh !!

i gave them the reasons why in terms of yes the williams sisters hit their serve for instance as hard as many of the men, but guess what there are probably 50 or more guys who can serve the ball just as hard, so when the sisters serve to a guy he could return it, where as what if any of these men serve to the sisters? also, men hit their groundstrokes harder and faster, since their naturally stronger,

i gave them historic background matches even such as: in the 1920's tilden def lenglen 6-0, in the 1950's maureen connolly practice against men to make her better and that in an article published in the new york times she said she lost the other day to a local pro that no one had ever heard of, in chris evert's autobiography she wrote when she was number 1 she got beat easily by her younger brother who only played college tennis, in 1993 when an over the hill j.connors played a soon to be retired from singles navratilova he gave her the doubles alleys and only 1 serve for himself and he still killed her, i even described the whole king vs riggs and riggs vs court matches and why the outcomes ( and yeah, i don't sound like a tennis expert?!!!), i told them go on any tennis website message board and ask how the william sisters would do against men and 100 people who know tennis (former and current players, judges, commentators would agree with me!) their answer was well until the day that they play against a man then everyone i just mentioned is just their opinion!!!!! well, when the heck does an opinion become a fact then? especially since this event will never happen?

they countered with the william sisters hit the ball and are more athletic than the women i mentioned ( evert,connolly,etc) which i agreed but guess what men today also hit the ball harder than men in previous eras so the power disparity is still there! i don't know if these guys are just stupid, stubborn or both? the one guy said " let's say i'm a car expert and i say your honda civic is the best car in the world would you automatically agree with me? i said " well, if you know about cars then i do, give me data and reasoning and others agreed with you then yes, i would say your right!" his reply?: well, your more trusting than more people.huh?. one of the men whose black said " well years ago they used to say black people were inferior to white people and we know that's not true! HUH? what does that have to do with what i/we were discussing, i told him "well, that was caused by stupid loser white racist who wanted to promote their own ideology.

they really cracked up when i told them years ago when i played in high school ( i was top 16 in the state of of illinois and st.louis all area team) and during when i played in college that i could have HIT with the william sisters, they fell off their chairs then! what the heck, i told them you don't know how good i was or how hard i could hit the ball back then, could i have beaten them of course not, could i get a game off them? if i was lucky, but i COULD rally with them, they didn't believe that either!!

so basically the argument ended with my opinion and their opinion and their entitled to it, which i thought " even if it's wrong". i said finally the only men the william sisters would be competive with is if they played the 18 under u.s. junior boy champ and i would still go with him winning!!sorry to go on and on but somebody help me out here, what else could i have said to prove my point?

didnt read your whole post but the sisters even said once that they would get destroyed by men... they cited the mens serve as the biggest hurdle....
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