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Originally Posted by THUNDERVOLLEY View Post
...Not insulting your sis at all, but have you ever considered the reason she could not win may be due to a lack of that intangible thing percieved as superior talent? Training and on-court experience alone does not walk hand-in-hand with success, unless one is lucky (read: Sharapova, Roddick). Think about it: if Venus, Serena, Federer or the rubber-room-case Henin lacked talent, all of the training in the world would not have produced their history, Similarly, certain top 20 males (minus the luck factor) seem to have training/experience but fail to earn the slams. Superior talent may be the difference, and a reason your sister could not beat you.
Yes, but I'm far from talented either. Just yesterday I was riding my bike and I did not notice how acute the turn of the road was and I rode my bike right into a tree. No joke. My sister and I both lack great coordination. I beat her because I'm fast and do not miss that much for a newbie. She does not have the physical strength to get the pace required to hit a winner. If she was as strong as I am, she would have just blown shots by me left and right. Women are weaker than men and therefore inferior when it comes to sports.
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