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Originally Posted by Dolphina View Post
On amateur level women can compete with men. Ive mostly always played with men, and I regularly beat a man, that was 20 years older than me, so in his 40s, often easily 6-2, depending on my form. It was simply because, he sucked at sports.
Picking someone of lesser talent, regardless of gender, is an easy way to chalk up wins. Congratulations!

Originally Posted by illinoisTennis View Post
I brought this and pay topic with my philosophy instructor. She agreed that men and women are physically different and draw comparisons with NBA and WNBA.
She mentioned that women are slowly catching up in strength and stamina.

In regards to equal pay, she says even though WTA players draw less crowd or boring they needed to compensated equally because its about time , she is a feminist.
Good post. I would add there are mental differences too - men, on average, are better competitors. Very few women truly hate to lose like most men, and will 'capitulate' when they're losing.

'Slowly' is very relative. 20 yrs ago they said women would eventually beat men in marathons. Still ain't happening. Even in billiards, where strength is only involved in the break, women can't even get close. In bowling, good amateur men routinely school female pros.

The whole battle of the sexes in sports is just a creation of the left leaning, guilty conscience press. And a lot of women's tennis popularity is based on men being willing to watch attractive women do almost anything. Men would watch two hotties play tennis even if they were ranked in the 50s. Back when she had her tennis playing look (not today's emaciated, pale skinned actress look), Anna Kournikova could have attracted millions to a Pay-Per-View to watch her fold laundry.
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