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Originally Posted by TheShaun View Post
can someone explain how a balance board works exactly, as i may be interested in making my lm rad more head light.
Sure. Say your LM Rad is currently even balanced, so it's neither head light or head heavy. That means its balance point is at 13.5", or 1/2 of 27". If you were to balance the racquet on a balance board, the handle would measure right to 13.5". (Take a look at the pic w/ the racquet on the board...)

So you want to make your racquet 6 pts HL? Well, aside from figuring out how much weight to add to the handle, you'll need something to measure that the racquet is actually 6 pts HL. The balance board comes in again. Once you make your modifications, you balance the racquet again on the balance board, and this time it will come up balanced different. The handle will balance 6 pts, or 6 * .125 = .75" less than 13.5", meaning 12.75". That's the handiness of a balance board--to verify your modifications and calculations are correct.

You don't really even need to calculate weight w/ a balance board, you could just go ahead and start putting on weight until your new balance is worked out.
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