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On amateur level women can compete with men. I´ve mostly always played with men, and I regularly beat a man, that was 20 years older than me, so in his 40s, often easily 6-2, depending on my form. It was simply because, he sucked at sports. But I also can well compete with my uncles, and with some players my age, and I never had a real trainer, nor do I play very much. I think I would have problems against a guy at my level, and probably be beaten, and that´s what happens in sports, if men compete against women their level, and that´s why they´re separated.
Didn´t Serena say at Wimbly, that she only hits with guys, who can beat her (no top pro players) to prepare for matches. I also remember darkly that she played a fun match against some royal amateur player (who was that again?) at the Laureus awards and lost 7-5 in the third.
There are certainly women who can compete with men below the pro level, but in general, it would take longer for a woman to reach a certain level of tennis than a man. For instance, I often play with a woman who is a strong 3.5 rated player and wins most of her women's league matches. I play men's 3.0 and will win slightly above half of my matches. However when I play against her, I usually beat her pretty easily unless I'm having a very bad day, in which case she might win one set off me if she's lucky. She's played alot more tennis than me over the years, yet because I am superior to her in all athletic qualities, I always beat her. So you can't really say that women can compete with men when you're talking about players with a relatively equal amount of experience or training.
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