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Originally Posted by GS View Post
You should of googled 'Williams Braasch' beforehand and learned that back in 1998 at the Australian Open, the sisters bragged that they could beat any male ranked around 200, so Karsten Braasch (ranked 203) took the challenge after playing 18 holes of golf, downing a few beers and having a cigarette. He easily beat Serena 6-1 and then Venus 6-2. Later he said he was only half-trying. The sisters then mouthed off and said they could beat any guy ranked around 350....
Don't forget a while back during the beginning of the year, Serena said that she could beat The Federer on her best day. It was on some interview during the Aussie Open, I believe, maybe after the Aussie.

Pssshh!!! She thinks that she can beat the Federer?!?!
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