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15. What advances in your field excite or have excited you the most?
Luxilon definitely doesn’t excite me. It’s just another one that the pros like. Gradually tears up your arms and wrists and elbows. We are seeing a move from all-polyester to a gut hybrid. Gut’s making a comeback. I love stringing with gut. I’d rather see a racquet with a set of gut tied.

16. How much longer do you see yourself stringing for?
I’d just say a few years. Content to do what I do. I’m one of 12 people on a Wilson global stringing team. Working on Miami, vegas, both masters, us open. Being on that team still gives me availability to do high profile events. Will continue to work with them. Haven’t sat back and said “oh I’m going to do 5 more tournaments and then I'm done."

17. If you retire from professional stringing, could you ever move away from tennis?
Always will have ties with industries. Kind of hard to be so intertwined and leave it all. I love watching it on television.

18. Speaking of tennis, do you play any? If so, ever gotten to hit with some of your pro clients?
Yes, I do. I got to hit at a clinic with one of the Jensen brothers. I had to use one of their racquets with a handle that was just way too big. If you’ve ever played on grass before, you don’t want to have a racquet you can’t handle.
19. Are there other people who would be willing to be interviewed that you know?
Look on the boards,would be glad to talk to you. Check links on the website on the navbar. “Our expert panel” Look on there, see there’s me, call Bob Patterson and he’s signed on as “rebob” and mouse over his name on a post to send a pm or direct email. I’d talk to bob.
20. Is there anything that I have neglected to ask that you would like to add or say?
It really is worth mentioning that in 2003 I believe, I worked at wimby. One of the other things that I was in charge of was for the LTA and they won local tournament. Tour stringing room, while a stringer guides them around. In 03, I was approached by head of team and asked if I would do a favor. Young man from starlight foundation, equivalent of make a wish. Young 14 old boy with cancer. Asked me if I’d do a one on one tour. To make long story short, gentleman got me a poster of players who signed it. Asked if he had another, get players to sign. She was 100% behind it, typically we’re told to not just approach them. Got my permission to approach. Took it out to hang it off the door of the cabin. Went to the players. Agassi, davenport. Gave it to her, boy and family. I gave the poster to him, he opened it up, and with a fine point sharpie, labeled people. He was overwhelmed, she welled up, extremely emotional. Tough for me to hold back. After that ended, find place to myself. I was pretty emotional about it. Think about how important it was, to be at wimbledon, and more than likely have chance to come back. He probably passed away. Never followed up, never had a chance to see how he is doing. Single most important experience to me, and most emotional time. Life-changing experience.

Thank you very much for your time, I am grateful for how quickly you responded and were ready to help me.

I can't really describe too well how much this interview helped me and what a joy it was to talk to someone who's done this job at the highest level. For someone who has probably done a ton of interviews just like mine to take time out of his schedule and help out some person he's never even met before...I really just don't know what to say. It meant a lot to me and I can't thank him enough!
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